Externship Program

VCA’s Externship Program allows students to gain valuable real-world experience by taking what you’ve learned in the classroom and bringing it to the clinic. Veterinary Students in their 3rd or 4th year of school can apply for an externship with VCA Animal Hospitals as part of their formal externship blocks. Our Externship Program gives you incredible access to a network of over 600 hospitals and more than 3,000 practitioners and specialists, all excited to meet and mentor the future doctors of the Veterinary profession. By participating in our Externship Program, you have the opportunity to meet the staff, learn about the cases, and increase your chance to practice or do an internship at VCA. Put your career on the right path and apply for an Externship with VCA.

Application Process

All 3rd or 4th year students currently enrolled in a formal veterinary DVM or VMD program at an AVMA accredited college or university are eligible for a VCA externship. Each externship must be associated with a formal externship “block” required by the school which awards credit.
VCA suggests students apply as soon as they know their block dates. Our specialty hospitals fill up quickly and with new intern orientation in the summer. There will be blackout dates.

Internship Program

VCA’s Internship Program aims to give students a stronger grasp of medicine, develop their confidence, and arm them with the professional network necessary to flourish. As the country’s largest provider of post-graduate veterinary training, VCA is proud to offer more than 160 Internships at 27 specialty hospitals. Students who are looking to expand their horizons while enhancing their future earning potential can look to VCA’s Internship Program as a way of reaching these goals. Practice with the Best of the Best, build a strong medical foundation, and strengthen the skills you will use for the rest of your career.

  • One more year of formal advanced training in a busy clinical setting.
  • Academic didactic training and organized daily rounds
  • Primary case responsibility under the supervision of top specialists & associates
  • High volume diverse case load
  • Formal Skills List
  • Greater future earning potential
  • Dedicated mentorship
  • Strong support for residency applicants
  • Medical benefits & CE stipend

VCA’s Internship opportunities are available through the AAVC matching program on www.virmp.org.

Application Process

All prospective interns are invited to apply for a VCA internship. Click Here and you will be directed to the web-based Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program (VIRMP) application. To review internship programs through VCA, first look for VCA, then select programs. For your convenience, a list of VCA teaching hospitals is listed below.

US VCA Internship Programs

Every VCA teaching hospital gives outstanding training to new veterinarians or established veterinarians who wish to specialize in fields such as surgery or dermatology. The following 16 hospitals host nationwide internship programs:











New Mexico

New York


South Carolina



Canadian VCA (Associate Veterinary Clinics) Internships:

Technician Externship/Internship Program Overview

Similar in scope to veterinary externships, a veterinary technology externship (sometimes called internship or preceptorship) provides students with hands-on experience in patient care, medical, surgical, and lab procedures, radiology, client care and general veterinary practice. Externs are always under the supervision of our highly trained veterinary staff.

Application Process

All students currently enrolled in a VCA approved veterinary technician or veterinary assistant program are invited to apply for an externship by contacting the Hospital Manager at your hospital of choice. Each externship must be associated with a formal externship “block” required by the school, which awards credit.